Our East Tennessee Moonshine Products

Simple Is Best- Like Doc Collier Used to Say…

 Doc Collier Unaged Corn Whisley

His recipe for good shine proves he was a man of his word: corn, sugar, and good mountain spring water. In fact, we are proud to make our smooth spirits with fresh English Mountain Spring Water through a partnership with our friends down the road.  They deliver 300 – 600 gallons at a time directly to our distillery for use in our fermentation and blending.  When you visit the distillery, be sure to buy a bottle of their water to taste what real, crisp spring water is supposed to be!

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Our Current Tasting List 

125 (62.5%)

 Our “straight off the still” high proof moonshine product.  No filtering, no gimmicks, just 100% high proof shine!

Unaged Corn Whiskey (40%)

 Referred to as “Corn Liquor” or “White Lightning” this American spirit is produced from Corn, Water and Yeast

Original Recipe (40%)

Doc Collier’s Family Recipe. Might taste like something you would get from a truck or trunk here in the Smokies!

‘Shined Cherries (40%)

 Fruit is imported from the “Cherry Capital of the World” Traverse City, MI. Soaked in moonshine for taste.

Peach (20%)

Made with a White Peach juice which was chosen for its sweetness and low acidity.

Blackberry (20%)

 Produced with Blackberry Juice. A little Sweet and Tart in taste. Definitely worth a scramble in the local bramble!

Greenbrier Apple (20%)

 Green Apple with a taste as sweet as candy!

Root Beer Float (20%)

Root Beer, Vanilla, and Moonshine make up our flavor of the month and it is a MUST try when you stop in.  A sweet and smooth finish like no other root beer in town!

Smoky Mountain Sunrise (20%)

Pineapple, Orange, and Cranberry come together in sheer perfection!  One sip and you will have sun and fun at the beach on your mind.

Firecracker (32.5%)

 Our version of a Cinnamon Moonshine. It’ll light your fuse or burn your Bunsen!

Moonshine Brandy (50%)

Ask about our limited run of assorted moonshine brandy – using local wine from the Rocky Top Wine Trail! Offerings have included blueberry and Appalachian Gold-honey!

“Limited Run” Flavors

Naner’ (20%)

Taste just like your Grandmother’s homemade banana pudding!

Apple Pie

A nice blend of apples and a house blend of spices. Taste like dessert at grandmas’, you can even taste the crust.

White Oak

A bold oak flavor with a slight hint of vanilla at the end.


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 Doc Collier Moonshine Distillery

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